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Vinegar Joe "Speed Queen Of Ventura" 2003 Island . recorded 1971,1972,1973
Of the 3 VJ reissues,this one has the best liner notes, but to set the record straight, VJ was Atlantic Records' ahmet ertegun 's brainchild, not Chris Blackwell's. In 1971 I joined the 12 piece band "DaDa", which had an album out on Atlantic with Phil Chen on bass. We toured the US. When we returned to the UK, Ahmet flew out to see us at Ronnie Scott's Club. The next day he called a meeting attended by me,Robert Palmer, Elkie Brooks, her husband,bandleader Pete Gage, and Chris Blackwell of Island Records. Ahmet explained that Atlantic could no longer afford to support such a large band and that we should form a new band around the four of us. Atlantic would retain the rights to the USA and Island would have the rest of the world. Chris named the band.It transpired that Chris was using the band to launch a solo career for Robert, which is why the band was eventually put on ice and broke up. This is an odd compilation of tracks which leans towards the rock side of the band's recordings. I didn't even remember the title track existing until I heard it again. We had rejected it as an album track at the time! And where did they find that photo!