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 Lakland Skyline 5502

 I am a Lakland endorser since 2000. I have owned two US made 44 - 94 basses. During a visit to the factory in 2001 I saw some prototypes of the Skyline models and subsequently bought an early 55 - 1. This was my first 5 string. I had tried many 5 strings since 1985 but this was the first one that felt comfortable to me, especially switching from Fenders.

My next Lakland was a teal blue US 55 - 94. This was my main bass from 2001 - 2006. I bought my current Lakland Skyline 5502 as a backup to my US 55 - 94 but it has ended up as my keeper. It has US Bartolini pickups and a US Bartolini preamp.

All my Lakland basses have been factory modified. They have a three way midrange frequency selector switch added to the front controls. This switch is inside the control cavity on standard basses and can  be user preset to one of four frequencies.

All the Laklands I have owned have been remarkably consistent with an even tone throughout the whole range of the bass. I think they are the best value for money on the market!