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Graham Bond  " Holy Magick"                                   

Graham was one of the best musicians I ever heard. he was a huge influence on the Britsh music scene in the 60's and 70's. During the mid 60's I saw the  Graham Bond Organization play at least 100 times. The band featured John McLaughlin on guitar, Jack Bruce on bass and Ginger Baker on drums. John McLaughlin left early on and was replaced by Dick Heckstall - Smith on tenor sax. To this day it was one of the best bands I have ever heard.

I worked with him on and off over the years.I played on one side of this album, then developed an abcessed tooth and was unable to finish the album. Rick Grech played on the other side.This is a strange album and not typical of Graham's jazz and R&B roots. I fear he was losing his sanity at this time.

I highly recommend Harry Shapiro's biography of Graham "The Mighty Shadow" . Harry is a leading music biographer and this book is a labour of love. Anyone interested in the British music scene of the 60's & 70's will find this to be an essential, engrossing and enjoyable read.