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Fodera Anthony Jackson 5 string. Chambered red cedar body, solid red cedar top, Seymour Duncan dual coil  P/U, 35" scale, 2010 Fodera / Mike Pope preamp, ebony fingerboard, 3 piece maple neck, weight approx 7lbs. Serial Number J531593N.

This unique bass was originally made for bassist Ed Lucie, probably around 1993. It was originally made to be tuned E to high C with a D-tuner on the E string. It originally had a Bartolini soapbar pickup and a RMC  ( Richard McClish) piezo system

Ed sold it around 2006 and it was converted to low B to G tuning . The pickup and preamp were also replaced. The bass changed hands about 3 months after Ed's sale, and I purchased it from the third owner, which leads me to surmise that it may have been converted for easier resale.

I had a new Fodera bridge and preamp installed in 2011 and removed the piezo system.

October 2012 I replaced the Seymour Duncan pickup with a newer model..