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Dr John "The Sun,Moon & Herbs" 2002 Wounded Bird Records. recorded 1971 Atlantic

I was fortunate to be a part of Dr John's London sessions for "The Sun. Moon & Herbs" Atlantic album. This was originally meant to be a triple album. I played an acoustic bass guitar from the mid 1800's, fretted to the 12th fret. It is also on the Manfred Mann records, and on the first Vinegar Joe record. I sold it to an antique musical instrument store in London prior to moving to the US. It was getting too fragile to travel and I really needed the money. I owned it from 1969 to 1981, and have never again seen anything like it. We originally recorded about an hour of acoustic material with Eric Clapton on 12 string, Mac (Dr John) on piano, Freddy Staehle on drums, and most of the other musicians who were at the sessions. Mac told me in 1982 that he was trying to locate those tapes. We also recorded a version of "When the Battle Is Over" for Shirley Goodman of Shirley & Lee ("Let The Good Times Roll") . Carl Radle & Michael Henderson, both great bassists, also played on these sessions.