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I played Fenders until 2000, and a wonderful 1976 Alembic Series 1.  My favourite Fenders were a 1957 Precision and a 1964 Jazz bass. I do not have good photos of these, but some of these basses appear in Photos.

Link to article about my 1957 Fender Precision bass. I owned this bass from 1976 - 2005. It is on many recordings including Elkie Brook's UK hit "Sunshine After The Rain" and Marianne Faithfull's X rated " Why D'ya Do It? " !

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Rob Allen Deep 5 Rob Allen Deep 5 Rob Allen Deep 5
Kay Chubby Jackson Model 5 string upright bass. High C string converted to low B Ampeg Baby Bass with Bartolini P/U and preamp. Modulus Graphite / Warmoth / Alembic Fretless Frankenbass. I also had a fretted version.
My first US Lakland.A 4-94 I sold it to buy my US Lakland 5 string. Here you can see the teal finish that my 5 string has. My Walter Woods green light stereo bass am - 350 watts per side @ 4ohms. I also owned an amber light mono - 650 watts @ 4ohms.. These are wonderful amps, but I had to sell them when I moved to Mexico. The top vents make them impractical for the climate. Bergantino HT112.My favourite bass cabs. I have 3 of them.